Las Vegas, NV – Casino Ctr Blvd Scene of Injury Crash near Fremont St

Las Vegas, NV - Casino Ctr Blvd Scene of Injury Crash near Fremont St

Las Vegas, NV (May 4, 2024) – a major car accident occurred in Las Vegas on the morning of May 4. The wreck happened on Casino Center Boulevard near Fremont Street when vehicles collided for reasons still being investigated. Reports from local sources show at least one person sustained injuries. At this time, the extent of those injuries has not been reported. Several responders remained at the crash scene on Saturday morning, causing significant traffic delays. 

Our thoughts are with injured victims in hopes of a full recovery. 

Nevada Traffic Collisions

Las Vegas, NV - Casino Ctr Blvd Scene of Injury Crash near Fremont StVehicle collisions leave tens of thousands of people across Nevada injured every year. Regrettably, the majority of collisions reported on our roadways are completely preventable. When drivers speed, run red lights, or engage in other careless actions, they risk the lives of other motorists. Every year, approximately 5 million car accidents are caused by negligent driving in the United States. Sadly, tens of thousands of people lose their lives annually due to the careless and reckless actions of negligent drivers.

Negligent driving is behind over 90% of reported car accidents, according to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Unfortunately, the majority of injuries and fatalities that happen due to auto accidents are totally preventable. Intoxication, distraction, fatigue, and speeding are the four most common types of driver negligence in the United States today, taking the lives of more than 30,000 people every year.

If you have been hurt in a Las Vegas car crash that you believe was caused by negligence, it is crucial to file a personal injury claim in order to seek justice and receive the compensation you deserve. By filing a personal injury claim after being injured in a car crash, you are holding the responsible party accountable for their actions and ensuring they cover the expenses resulting from their negligence.

A dedicated Las Vegas car accident lawyer can help you better understand your rights after being injured in an accident. In addition, they can help you gather evidence on your behalf and fight for justice while you focus on overcoming your injuries. Your attorney will stand as a strong advocate to protect your rights and best interests.

At Simon Law, we know that upholding our clients’ rights and getting them the justice they deserve is paramount. Our commitment to handling every aspect of a personal injury case in-house sets us apart from other firms and allows us to provide unparalleled legal representation. With over three decades of experience, our team is dedicated to relentlessly pursuing justice for our clients. We are confident that choosing our firm will be the best decision for your legal needs. Do not wait any longer to protect your rights. Contact Simon Law today at 702-364-1650 to schedule a free consultation and let us fight for you.

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