Winning the Case Is Only the Beginning: Why You Need an Attorney to Help You Collect

Sometimes the most seemingly obvious things in life quickly turn into a complicated mess. For example, if someone causes you physical injury, then you are entitled to compensation. Simple, right? In a perfect world, things would always work out the way they should, but sadly this is not always the case in the real world. Even if you decide to pursue your entitlement to compensation in court, there is still a hitch: the court will not get involved in the actual collection of your money. That means that even if you win your case, there will be no one on your side to make the defendant pay up.

So what can you do? You could petition for wage garnishment, but what if the defendant doesn’t have any legal income to garnish? That’s where your attorney comes in. When a defendant won’t pay up, only an attorney can take the necessary legal steps to collect. For more information on getting compensation for injury, or to find a product liability attorney in Las Vegas, contact the office of Dan Simon at (702) 364-1650.

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