What to do after an accident?

In the aftermath of an auto accident witnesses can be a key factor in determining who was at fault. It is important to find any witnesses. If you are injured this may not always be possible but hopefully you are only dealing with property damage with no injury victims.

If there are witnesses, it is important to contact them right away. Many people who see an accident will not think it is important to give their information to the police, especially if no one is injured. If you can get a phone number or an email with the name of the witness that would be a great start and could help your attorney to their job.

Whatever details they remember, take them down. You can sort through what is pertinent later, but you can ask the witness to stick to just the facts. Asking them specific questions that can be easily answered with a yes or a no can keep them to the facts without additional speculation. For example: Did you see car x drive through a red light? Also ask them about the weather: if it had rained for example. You should ask for details about the volume of traffic and if they road had any significant bumps or potholes that may have had a causal effect on the accident. 

The reality is that any auto accident is scary, dangerous, and stressful. The accident at times is just the beginning of long process of trying to recover physically and/or emotionally along with collecting on your insurance. Often, just getting working transportation as quickly as possible is the main priority. But if you have any injuries or property damage it is advisable to have representation.

A free consultation would be beneficial in any case. An experienced lawyer may be able to guide you through the maze of the aftermath of an accident. Insurance companies are not always looking out for your best interests. Contact accident attorney Dan Simon at 702-364-1650 for a free comprehensive evaluation of your case.  Simon Law has been getting outstanding results for their clients in the Las Vegas area for over 25 years.  

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