Top 3 Most Common Kids Product Recalls

As a parent, it’s incredibly frustrating when you find out an item has been recalled – one that you thought was supposed to be safe for your child. Although we have regulations in place to protect us from faulty products, sometimes these systems let us down. That’s why it’s so important for you to protect your child by being an informed consumer. Here are the top three kids products that are most often recalled.

1. Toys

plastic toys

With so many toys produced, manufactured and released onto the market each day, many small objects can pose significant risks to a child. Especially worrisome are the risks of dangerous chemicals and small item choking hazards.

2. Cribs

baby crib

Cribs, especially those with “drop-sides,” can be very dangerous. Be sure to study up on the safest cribs available prior to putting your child in one that could cause them to fall out or worse.

3. Strollers

Baby stroller

Strollers may be convenient for parents, but nearly a quarter of a million strollers were recalled in one month in 2012. With dangers ranging from strangulation to crushed fingers and falls, do your research before you purchase any type of stroller.

Your child depends on you to make the right choices. If you are concerned about a specific product, do a little background check on the company before you make a purchase. Where does the company manufacture its products? Has the manufacturer had any products recently recalled? All of this information, while not openly advertised, is freely available on the internet and is well worth looking into. If you would like to know more about your rights, contact the office of Dan Simon, an experienced product liability and injury lawyer in Las Vegas, at (702) 364-1650.