Suffer an Injury in an Accident? 3 Steps To Help Yourself

There’s nothing more frightening than having been injured and needing the law to get involved to help you out of a bind. It’s difficult to know where to go, who to talk to, and what exactly is and isn’t covered by the law — or insurance, for that matter.

If you’ve been in an accident and need to file a personal injury claim, utilize the following three steps to help you get started. Before you do anything, though, ensure your health and safety are the top priority and only begin the following steps if you are physically and mentally able to do so.

1. Photographs

Use a camera phone or other photographic device to take pictures of the incident, as this evidence will help in the long run to provide proof of your accident and the conditions the accident occurred in.

Camera hanging from bar

photo by Khánh Hmoong

2. Take Notes

This will be an imperative step in your case. Take notes on everything that happened, as well as notes on conversations with witnesses. Also include contact information, which you will need to verify and keep a written, detailed record of.

Taking notes

photo by @boetter

3. Be Informative

For others that are involved or at fault for your injury, be honest and inform them of your intentions to file a claim. This will save you from unnecessary headaches caused by dishonesty in the end.

Car Accident

photo by neatlysliced


In addition to following these steps, which will help you on your way to recovery and protecting yourself, contact a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. An attorney is an authority on a subject that may be foreign to you and they will be able to navigate the proper channels to help you stay protected.

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