Pool Owners and Premises Liability

While it’s fun to have friends and family over for a BBQ and to show off your pool, things can go awry very quickly if there is a pool related accident. The worst part? You are probably legally responsible for their accident.

Homeowners who own pools are liable for a number of situations ranging from trespassers sneaking on to their property for a midnight swim, to Uncle Joe’s drunken dive off of the edge of the pool. If anyone is injured on your property near a pool, you are at risk. Adding alcohol into the mix makes for an even trickier situation.
swimming pool

Take proper steps to ensure no one is injured on your watch. Be clear with the rules and don’t let individuals who have been drinking in or near the pool. Also, post signs for tempted trespassers to stay clear, possibly even install security cameras or property alarms and avoid the risk of a liability case all together.

If you or someone you know has suffered a pool related accident, contact Las Vegas personal injury attorney Dan Simon at (702) 3640-1650 for a free consultation.

Main photo by Bill Jacobus