International Safe Toys and Gifts Month: 5 Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe

It’s no surprise that December is International Safe Toys and Gifts month. Few things make a child happier than a thoughtful present, and people tend to assume that manufacturers have thoroughly tested and ensured their products are safe. But you know what they say about assumptions. Nobody wants to be the guilty uncle or aunt who gifted the toxic toy to little Johnny! With that in mind, here are five safety tips to ensure your gift is safe and awesome, in that order:

Nix the Guns

Toys that shoot anything, whether plastic, foam, rubber… even marshmallows… can pose a safety hazard, and as a rule it’s probably more appropriate to encourage kids to play with something creative and constructive rather than toy guns. If you’re insistent on gun-play for kids, consider channeling that into video games or opt for laser tag. Lasers can’t put out an eye.

Read the Labels

Yes, the print’s small and obscure in comparison to the BRIGHT AND BOOMING LETTERS DESCRIBING THE TOY, but you owe it to yourself and the little recipient to actually read what the lawyers have required the manufacturer stick on the box and instruction manual.

Age Matters

Read the age-appropriate notices on presents, and err on the side of caution. If it says it’s meant for ages 4-6, it says that for a reason.

Go Online

Go online and check out reviews for toys. As soon as a product is released, there’s bound to be at least a few reviews, and if there are any safety red flags, you’ll find those pretty quickly.

Be Vigilant

Remember being a kid? Remember that toy you used to love that was meant to do one thing but you figured out if you attached it to the garden hose, it would do something else entirely? Okay maybe that never happened, but you get the idea: kids will find creative, and potentially hazardous, ways to play with anything. Don’t assume a child engrossed in a toy can be left safely for any length of time.

Photo by Franco.

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