How to Prevent a Holiday Decoration Fire or Injury

The holidays are a time for celebration and memorable moments with loved ones. Decorating a house for the holidays is a tradition that puts people in the spirit of the holidays, and is a great way to show your holiday spirit. But be careful, because decorating for the holidays can be dangerous. Many things can go wrong while decking the halls, so it is important to be extra cautious. Here are some things to look out for while getting your house ready for the holidays. With these tips, you can avoid the unneeded expense of a hospital visit during the holidays.

Troublesome Trees

That beautiful Christmas tree that took hours to set up can be a bonfire in seconds without proper precaution. Dry trees contain dry needles, which are extremely flammable. Combine that with the heat from your Christmas lights, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. To avoid this, when you buy a tree, be sure to immediately cut the stem and put it in water, much like a bouquet of flowers. This will keep the tree lively, and significantly cut down the chances of a dry needle or branch fire. If you prefer an artificial tree, it is important to look for a “fire resistant” label. This ensures that the tree is safe and will not combust into flames.

a decorated christmas tree with lights and ornaments

Christmas trees are a major cause of holiday accidents  photo credit: cabarney via photopin cc


It’s a Wrap

Wrapping paper may seem harmless, but can be very dangerous around a fireplace or any other open flame. Although it is called wrapping paper, gift wrap may contain metals or chemicals that can cause a flash fire. In addition to a spark fire, the airborne toxins from burned wrapping paper are hazardous to breathe in, and can cause a myriad of health problems. The appropriate way to dispose of gift wrap is to simply find a trash receptacle and toss it inside.

wrapping paper folded into the shape of a star

Wrapping paper can be dangerous around an open flame  photo credit: heatherknitz via photopin cc


Lights & Heights

Lights may shine bright, but it is important to check them out before wrapping them around your house or tree. Looking for cracked sockets or frayed wires can help you avoid fires and injuries, so it’s important to examine every light you plan on using. Also, beware of heights when putting up holiday lights. The use of a ladder is not common for some, so it is important to be extra cautious while putting lights on the outside of your house.

a christmas tree with many lights

Check the lights you use for imperfections  photo credit: caribb via photopin cc


An estimated 13,000 people will be treated in emergency rooms this holiday season, make sure you are not one of them. If you do find yourself in trouble and in need of a product liability attorney in Las Vegas, contact Simon Law Group at (702) 364-1650.

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Main photo credit: USCPSC via photopin cc