Guns Pose Potential Liability and Negligence Risk To Owners

While it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt, this is true of anything in life — but most often (yet commonly forgotten) is the use of defective guns. If a gun is defective (maybe it has insufficient instructions or warnings) and you are unaware of this, and someone is injured with it, they may be entitled to a settlement.

Barrel of a rifle

However, if your weapon is not defective and it kills someone by accident or injures them, how then do you protect yourself? There is a chance that negligence will come into play.

In this case, an attorney will show the “duty” that is owed to the injured party by the defendant. The duty varies from state to state, but it will basically determine whether or not you had intent or need to injure the plaintiff or injured party.

Loading Your Gun

The law is complicated — leave it to the experts to decipher. Learn more about the dangers of guns and how to protect yourself from becoming a negligent party in a liability case by contacting a product liability attorney in Las Vegas.