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Experience always counts

Experience always counts

All lawyers are not the same. They have different backgrounds, different education, different experience in the court room and in business. There are different ways to process a personal injury case. There is no template that fits every case. However, if you have an attorney that is in business to close cases and gets settlements as soon as possible, you likely are going to get less in your recovery.

Attorney and firms have different business models and different priorities. If you live in Las Vegas, you see millions of dollars in advertisements everywhere. You see firms with catching slogans, massive billboards, and television ads. The expense for this type of advertisement is tremendous. These law firms must bring in and settle a minimum number of cases each month just to pay for advertising. Does this mean they are the best lawyer for you? They all sound amazing and always mention that you pay nothing until they win. What they fail to mention is what happens if they do not win.

If you lose your case and you do not get a recovery you are responsible for treatment you received during the time the case is being negotiated. this could be one month, or it could be 2 years. The physical therapy bill for 1 year of treatment can be $30 or 440,000. This is much less than the bill for pain management doctors or orthopedic surgeons. If you lose your case, your name is still on the bill. Some medical providers will write off the bill as cost of doing business, but others will come after you. They can refer you to a collection agency for payment or even file in court to get payment. It can damage your credit and effect your credit scores for years.

There is a reason when you read about the mega million-dollar cases being settled, you rarely see the name of any firm you recognize. You do not see them on billboards all around the valley. There are several reasons for this, and it is not because they are not busy. It is just the opposite. The professional trial lawyer is not advertising for every single case. They have no interest in settling a case for the minimum if there are serious injuries and property damage. These lawyers, Dan Simon in one of them, understand the process of working with medical providers and expert witnesses to prove your case.

Simon Law has been winning huge settlement for clients for over 25 years. Dan Simon is a very nice person and has incredible rapport with clients. However, in the court room, he is very different. Once he takes your case, he becomes a ferocious advocate. He believes in always doing what is right for his clients and it is the duty of every attorney to do the same. Simon knows you only get one chance at a settlement. There is no one better to protect your interests while making sure the giant insurance companies do not take advantage of you.

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