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Personal Injury Compensation for Dog Bites

Personal Injury Compensation for Dog Bites

A recent article reports that more than 5 million Americans per year are the victims of dog bite injuries. It’s estimated that less than 20,000 of these victims receive compensation from insurance companies under homeowners or renters policies. In addition, the average payment by insurance companies to dog bite victims is only $21,875 (not much if medical expenses and missed work are involved). An experienced Las Vegas dog bite attorney can provide you with the best option to get the compensation and justice you deserve.

The pain and suffering associated with this type of injury can be traumatic. Dog bite laws vary from state to state but there are a variety of factors that can influence the compensation a victim receives from a settlement with an insurance company or at trial. Here are some factors to keep in mind when considering a compensation amount:

Were There Children Involved?

Children are more easily traumatized and my develop phobias or nightmares after an incident. As a result, dog bites involving children may result in a larger compensation settlement.

Medical Expenses

A general guideline for estimating a possible compensation figure is to double the amount of actual medical damages incurred by the victim. Some claims can result in up to four times the amount of medical damages.

Was the Dog Properly Vaccinated? 

Whether the dog in question was properly vaccinated for rabies and other infectious diseases plays a big role in the outcome of a case. The victim of a dog bite injury may have to wait a period of several days to determine if the attacking dog develops symptoms of the disease. A jury may award a financial payment for the suffering related to this distress.

Was the Dog Provoked?

An attack resulting from an unprovoked animal or a breed of dog most frequently associated with unprovoked dog bites (for example, pit bulls) will likely result in a higher monetary award by sympathetic juries if a personal injury case goes to trial.

Missed Work Expenses

Lost income from work or any lasting impairment that may result in the loss of your income-earning capacity in the future may result in increased compensation awards.

Family Members

A spouse or close relative of a person injured by a dog bite may have grounds to sue for the loss of the injured person’s services in some states.

Has the Dog Bitten Someone Before?

A dog that has bitten others in the past or one that has previously been deemed “dangerous” under local or state statutes may translate into an award of multiple damages.

If you’ve been injured as the result of a dog bite or dog attack, contact Simon Law Group for personal, experienced, and aggressive legal representation.