10 Common Mistakes People Make After Being In a Car Accident

Numerous people make ample mistakes after getting into a collision. Learn from them so you do not end up in the same predicament.

1. Moving the Car

Don’t move the car unless you must.  You don’t want to further hurt yourself, or your vehicle as a result. If possible,  it is best to stay put until help comes.

2. Assuming No Damage Was Done

Often times people will ignore the accident.  This happens so both parties can avoid the risk of increased premiums.  What if you end up experiencing neck pain shortly after?  Or you now notice your front bumper is damaged?  It is always wise to gather insurance information.

3.  Waiting to Call Insurance

The sooner you make a claim the better. It is going to take a while to get your car fixed, so you want to address the issue right away.

4.  Neglecting to Follow-up With a Doctor

It is always wise to see your primary care physician after a significant car accident.  Sure, you may feel fine, but you won’t know for sure until you see an expert.  Better to address it now, rather than wait until a minor incident becomes a serious one!

taking care of an auto accident

5.  Hoping for No Fault

No fault is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Yes, it is ideal, but do not automatically think insurance will cover all damages. Put money aside and be prepared for that deductible!

6.  Assuming the Other Driver Has Insurance

Although it is not legal to operate a motor vehicle without insurance, it does not mean people are not doing it.  Thousands of Americans are driving around without coverage, and you may just get into a collision with one. If this occurs, an uninsured motorist lawyer in Las Vegas is your best bet when it comes to getting money for your car and health related expenses.

8.  Comparing the Deductible to the Actual Expense

Many people think it is wiser to just cover the expenses of an accident rather than consult insurance. This may or may not be the case, so think twice before covering the out-of-pocket expense.  After all, you have been paying the insurance company for years, you might as well take advantage of it.

9.  Thinking a Tow Will be Too Expense

Numerous dealerships will tow a car for free to their nearest dealership, and you may have even signed up for the additional benefit when you purchased your car.  Call around to find your best option though before you shell out hundreds for no reason.

how to handle car accidents

10.  Believing the Car Isn’t Totaled

A car does not have to look totaled to actually be a goner. It is more about what is going on inside your vehicle than the exterior damage. Get an expert’s advice before taking the car to your cousin for a quick fix.