Can I Get Workman's Comp If I'm Injured at a Company Event?

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. If you’re participating in a company retreat, awards ceremony, company dinner, or anything “off” the typical work schedule and location and you are injured, will workman’s comp come into play or will you be stuck with the medical bills?

Factors that will affect the outcome of your case include whether the event was voluntary, logically required, or mandatory. Most often, especially if you locate a good workman’s comp attorney in the Las Vegas area, courts will side with you if it was a mandatory event. “Logically required,” meaning you were highly encouraged to attend, as well as “voluntary” get a bit trickier.

In the case that it was a voluntary event and your company’s insurance is denying your claim, you still might be able to receive funds to help with your medical bills through a third party, such as the catering company or owner of the venue. It’s best to know all the facts if you’ve been injured at an off-location job event. Just because your company was quick to give you the brush off doesn’t mean you don’t have a valid claim.

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