Bus Accidents: What to Do if You're Involved

Bus accidents can lead to serious injuries. There are several standard ways to handle the situation if you are involved in this type of accident.

It’s critical that anyone in need of medical attention receive that help immediately. Once medical attention is obtained, contacting a reputable personal injury attorney is important. A professional legal representative can guide you through navigating the process of receiving compensation for injuries suffered as a result of a bus accident.

what to do after a bus accident

Gathering information about the bus and the nature of the accident can be very helpful in the future, if a personal injury case is merited. Compile the following information if possible:

-The bus number and license plate number
-Name and contact information of the bus driver and company responsible for the bus
-Names and contact information of others on the bus at the time of the accident
-Written recollection of events that occurred prior, during, and after the bus accident
-Logs of medical expenses, time lost from work, and any pain and suffering issues

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