How to Avoid Personal Injury at Amusement Parks

It’s summer; the season of grilling, baseball, and best of all, amusement parks! But before you head out, make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones by observing some simple rules of amusement park safety.

There are two types of liability that can be brought against an amusement park due to injury. Premises liability occurs when a park doesn’t clearly post warning signs at each ride, properly train its staff, or fails to maintain the rides and operate them safely. Product liability is when a part of a ride is defective, such as a seat belt that comes undone or a lap bar that unlatches. Instead of worrying about what kind of liability is applicable to an injury, it’s much better to prevent harm from occurring in the first place. Here are some tips to avoid personal injury while at an amusement park.

roller coaster going down a slope

Read all warnings

Warnings are there for a reason. Take the time to read them so you know of any risks involved, particularly regarding any medical conditions you may have. It’s your responsibility to use what’s at an amusement park safely and responsibly.

Explain to children how to behave

It’s easy for kids to get too excited and hurt themselves, so make sure they know what’s expected of them at an amusement park. Go over the rules of the park and each of the rides with younger children, and make sure they follow them. Also, if a kid doesn’t want to go on a ride or asks to get off, respect the child’s wishes.

Alert staff to problems

If you see anything wrong with a ride, or even if you just have doubts as to whether something is safe, let the staff know. Your alert could prevent many people from being injured, so don’t let the fear of looking foolish stop you from raising your concerns.

Also, keep in mind that additional legal liability applies if you are at an amusement park for a company or work related event. If you were injured at an amusement park or need a workman’s comp attorney in Las Vegas, call Simon Law Group at (702) 364-1650 to set up a consultation today.