Android Powered Helmet Aims to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

A new, technology-driven motorcycle helmet has the potential to increase the safety of motorcycle drivers everywhere. After suffering a motorcycle accident in Barcelona, Marcus Weller saw the potential to prevent future accidents by improving the standard motorcycle helmet. He then proceeded to found Skully Helmets – an Android powered helmet designed to give riders a hands free experience, and reduce the need for riders to divert their attention away from the road.

motorcycle POV

The Skully Helmet has an Android device embedded in it which features a rear-facing camera and an optical combiner which shows on a virtual “heads up” display. The rear camera is a fish eye that captures a 180 degree view that starts at the edge of the driver’s peripheral vision. This view appears on the heads-up display, which transparently floats about 6 meters outside of the driver’s main field of vision. The display features an infinite focus, which allows the projected image to get larger or smaller depending on whether the driver’s gaze is toward the horizon or focused to immediate surroundings. This rear-view enhanced vision lets the driver focus on the road and potential hazards ahead, eliminating the need to turn around.

The Skully Helmet also has user voice recognition, which enables the user to turn the display on or off, change brightness, use navigation, answer a phone call, or play some tunes. When the driver receives a phone call, the name and image of the caller is projected on the heads-up display. Using voice recognition, the driver can accept or decline the call. A handle-mounted control allows the driver to increase or decrease volume when playing music.

New applications can be easily added to the helmet because it’s powered by Android, and updates can be installed just as they are with a phone. The helmet is projected to be released in 2014, although it’s possible to receive one early if you qualify for the beta test.

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