Accidental Injury or Nursing Home Abuse?

As you and your loved ones age, it becomes an unfortunate yet necessary conversation to discuss long-term elderly care including the potential for requiring a nursing home. Once the decision has been made it can take mounting pressures off of everyone involved, or can it?

Often a loved one may be at risk for nursing home abuse or accidental injury because of neglect. If you suspect this could be occurring and you see strong evidence of the following signs listed below, contact the proper authorities immediately.

Signs of Elderly Abuse

Possible case of elderly abuse

Signs can range from physical to emotional abuse, as well as neglect. Watch for any of the following observable signs and try to get your loved one alone to further discuss what could be happening if you see any of the following indications of abuse.

* Unexplained bruises or marks
* A caregiver not allowing a loved one to see their hospitalized loved one alone
* Rope or restraint marks on the wrist
* Unexplained weight loss, malnutrition
* Torn or dirty clothing
* Broken eye glass frames or glasses
* Broken bones, ribs, sprains and large cuts
* Unsanitary conditions
* Belittling or controlling behavior of a caregiver to elder
* Elderly loved one behaving as a child (signs of emotional abuse)

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