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5 Attractive Nuisance Liability Items to Avoid

5 Attractive Nuisance Liability Items to Avoid

As adults, we may or may not choose to do dangerous things “at our own risk,” but what about children? Children are innocent, and oftentimes they do not fully understand the danger present in certain situations. That is exactly why the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine was passed.  Under this law, landowners are held responsible for child injuries involving objects that are dangerous and inherently attractive to children. Since most children wouldn’t associate things like “no trespassing” with the possibility of injury, it is the land owner’s responsibility to take reasonable precautions to deter children from these “attractive nuisances.” Here are five of the most common attractive nuisances that both parents and landowners should be aware of.

1. Swimming Pools

Swimming pools should have fences and locked gates around them, even for pool owners without kids. Extra care should be taken if you live near a school or other buildings that are populated by children. It could mean the difference between life and death.

2. Train Tracks

If you have train tracks near your property, it’s a necessity to put up a fence between them and your property so kids can’t wander onto them. Not only could a train come by, but they could fall and hurt themselves on the metal rails.

railroad tracks

3. Lawn and Farm Equipment

Always keep this kind of equipment locked up, and don’t keep the keys used to start the equipment within reach.

4. Fountains and Ponds

Just like with swimming pools, these present a drowning hazard to young children. If you must have them, keep them behind a fence.

5. Abandoned cars

Abandoned cars and other appliances are popular hide-and-seek spots for children. As with all cars, keep the doors and windows locked and secured.

As adult, it’s our responsibility to look out for the well being of the children in our communities. For more information about property liability, or to find a premises liability attorney in Las Vegas, contact Dan Simon at (702) 364-1650 to schedule a consultation.