4 Kinds of Personal Injury You Need to Know

We’re all busy living our lives, running errands, going to work or school, raising families — but all of this can be interrupted in a moment if a personal injury occurs. It’s no longer important for just those who’ve been injured in an accident to know and understand how the law defines personal injury. Everyone should understand the basics.

Working on a Building

1. Work Injury

Work injuries are considerably the most common type of personal injury. Oftentimes, the employer disregards the safety and well-being of employees by not following specific guidelines as defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which is an agency set up by the U.S. government to ensure gainful employees are protected. Work injuries occur anytime an employee is harmed whether in mind or body while on the job. It encompasses everything from back and eye strain to forklift injuries to concussions and much more. These accidents are most often handled through an employer under workman’s compensation, but knowing all the facts surrounding your workplace accident is imperative.

2. Medical/Dental Accidents

Medical and dental accidents are often the result of gross medical negligence and can result in serious harm or injury to the afflicted party. This type of personal injury is difficult to prove at times, but is rather serious — especially if loss of human life or permanent injury occurs. These accidents can include anything from a dentist pulling more teeth than necessary to a surgeon operating on the wrong side of an individual’s body. Understand any documentation you sign prior to a procedure, even if small and simple, and get clarification as to the statistics on safety as well as what a procedure entails beforehand.

A Trip to the Dentist

3. Assault Claims

Assault claims as an act of personal injury commonly occur in civil court. For example, it could be assault and battery of a man toward his wife during an argument. If the wife is injured and the man arrested, she can still go after him with personal injury claims of assault and battery, which is loosely defined as “harmful contact” that can be direct, indirect, immediate, or prolonged.

4. Product Defect Accidents

Albeit less common than the other forms of personal injury, product defect accidents are no less important and can even be deadly. Whether tainted food or a defective product, the supplier/manufacturer or seller is usually held liable. It’s important to seek medical assistance immediately, as it is for all personal injury accidents; but keeping adequate records of what happened and how will assist in the development of a case.

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