3 Scary Product Recalls We'll Never Forget

We’d all like to believe the products we buy are perfect, without risk or fault. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Here are three of the most notorious product recalls we wish we could forget.

(1) Toyota’s Malfunctioning Pedals

In January of 2010, Toyota issued a recall of 4.1 million vehicles sold in the US. The reason? Faulty gas pedals that would get stuck, making your car accelerate when you didn’t want it to. And this is on top of an earlier, 5.3 million-car recall for poorly fitting floor mats that would trap the pedals once they were pushed down.

silver Toyota celica

Photo by umphotography

(2) Massive Amounts of Contaminated Meat

An astonishing 143 million pounds of beef were recalled in February of 2008 because the slaughterhouse was accused of improperly butchering cattle that were too sick or weak to even walk. Fortunately, although most of the meat had been eaten when the recall was announced, no illnesses were reported as a result of the contaminated meat.

ground beef in a bowl

Photo by 2rms

(3) Not Just a Nut Allergy

In 2008, a salmonella outbreak made hundreds of people sick and may have killed eight of them. The outbreak was traced to a peanut processing factory filled with mold, roaches, and rats. They are now out of business, and criminal charges are pending.

closeup of peanuts

Photo by ♦ Biel’s ® ♦ Gabriel Machado ♦

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